• VR Photography Basic Fee: 65,000 yen〜

  • Server memory: Up to 100 piece of work 25,825 yen (maximum size of 10MB per picture)

       * Additional costs over 200 piece

  • HTML CODE (optional service): Once the VR materials are completed, HTML CODE will be sent.  If it is published on our website, it will involve the memory of the website, and an additional storage fee of 15,575 yen will be charged (including search and promotion functions).

  • Photography + Editing: 40,000 yen and up Within 48 hours as fastest

  • Transportation costs: negotiated


  •  Total:  No HTML CODE: 130,825 yen / 1 time〜

  •          With HTML CODE : 146,400 yen / 1 time〜

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