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VR Photography offers the following services

  • Save storage space and provide easy access to information, as opposed to conventional mass storage of images and video.

  • By eliminating the limitation of time and space, you can enter the venue space anytime and anywhere, and freely expand, shrink, and rotate the viewing space and works.

  • The venue, gallery homepage, artist SNS, etc. can all be accessed in VR, and you can also share the link with your friends.

  • Each piece of work in the venue can be added with a detailed diagram of the work, information and the artist's personal contact information, so that it is easy to search for your favorite works.

  • In the future, you can free yourself from the high venue rental fees and restrictions on the duration of the exhibition, and build a complete virtual space to showcase your work by renting it for just one day, or not needing a venue at all.

  • Translation services are available in Japanese, Chinese, and English, crossing barriers to viewing.


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